sittingphotoAlchemy of Flesh and Spirit is the reflection of The As Above, So Below.

Could it be that the stars are our ancestors?

One’s physical practice is a lifetime of unraveling beliefs that inhibit our naturalness and mask our individuality.

Shedding the socialized body!

Do you ever wonder how one achieves feeling effortlessness in movement?
How habitual learned patterns diminish our freedom of movement?

The theatricality of Alchemy of Flesh and Spirit gives ourselves permission to be seen in our naturalness… to hear language invested with imagination that speaks directly to our body.

Experience the body from within a ceremonial space that calls to your own alchemical essence. Effortlessness is through sensual awareness.

Move and be the source of your force!
Shamanic embraces the body as the source of felt knowledge.

The Mind is the explorer. Dancing offers a moving exploration of our thoughts, feelings, energy and spirit. In-depth exploration and an experiential attitude and approach is needed to shed the cloak that the socialized body wears. That requires stepping out of dance that serves a certain aesthetic and breaking the mold!

Knowledge and pleasure are twins.
I continue my own evolution of dance through Body-Mind Centering as a vehicle for priming the sources of all the body systems.

Forest Annetta

Mapping the body systems, we feel and access our elemental alignment and interconnectedness with the Four Worlds and Powers of the Universe.

  • Feel how Emotions are about giving with fluidity
  • The Body holds and transforms energy with intimacy
  • A receptive mind provides infinite ways to explore our bodies
  • Determining with our Spirit supports our heart’s desires

Discover Keys to how we move through life experiences with ease and maturity!