movingerosYou, the Connoisseur of your Body

Body as resource for felt knowledge. The ongoing self seduction to be more fully present. And with intimacy it is how we can hold and transform energy through the erotic body.

The experience is layered to dive for depth, hear the Imagination speak to the erotic body, feel surfaces uncovered by Contact Improvisation and erotic anatomy of Feasting the Body. 

Sexuality is always present as catalyst energy residing in the background and responsive to moving into the foreground when invited.  A space where sexuality is can also be connected to something greater than the personal.

Become the magnetic attraction! Learn to cultivate and move your creative life force sexual energy.

Learn how congruency in our voice supports boundary setting skills. Adding dimension to “No.”  Nothing is left out the body is totally 

Balancing Yin /Yan( feminine and masculine principles). What are we really attracted to in the other? How does that play in moving with another? Is there any unconscious beliefs that presuppose what is possible especially with the opposite sex? This is felt knowledge and boundaries  revealed that hold beliefs that may no longer serve us.

 What Attitude and approach necessary for conscious orgasm that supports evolution?

ecstaticdance1Contact Improvisation

This is spontaneous moving with another as a duet while in contact. The How of the contact is the spontaneous part and supported with movement principles. An invitation with our entire body being present and available that supports authenticity by dropping expectations and outcomes. Using the floor, the surfaces of a partner to find new movement possibilities with gravity levity, support, giving/taking weight and knowing the difference between sensing and feeling. Always a testing of what is consensual and sexual energy is always present in the background.

Feasting the Body

Sourcing Eros through feeling the erotic primordial animal nature and accessing our highest form of spirit. Brought together creates harmony and balance. Feasting inhabits the visceral “wilderness inside.” Both receptive to the hunt, each one being the explorer and the explored. The play is experiential predator/prey but not of  each other! The prey is the mutual experience you create together, the union you build together. Rather than consumption, the food of desire is the loving our naturalness and essence in physical form.

Annetta explores alternative practice as a researcher, performer, teacher and choreographer. Her vision of Moving Eros, continues the parallel trajectory of a life path, bridging dance and sexuality with shamanic practice. Her most recent focus is studying with the Nagual Lujan Matus in Thailand & Costa Rica. As an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Path with Swift Deer in Arizona she has explored all 4 levels of the Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality teachings.