men & stripping ConfidanceBe the energetic presence that can fill a room, any room, any space!

Men, feel the physicality of your sexuality and learn how to access your sensuality.

Treat stripping as craftsmanship with precision movement from the depth of your maleness.

Become the magnetic attraction, put yourself “on display” and use all of your powers.

Hold the confidence to be seen in your dance of virility.  It is your eyes that send the powerful gaze as you walk and stand in your power!

Find your voice of power to align with what you want to communicate.

Expect to gain Keys to unlock

  • Sensuality as effortless movement
  • Moving with confidence, power and stealth
  • Finding your Attitude and Approach for Your strip
  • How to Step into the Unknown with maturity

You will learn

  • Erotic Anatomy
 Kata and Passes ~ physical movements to lock in your intent
  • Anything you wear can become costume, a transformative second skin
  • How costuming enhances your individuality and uncovers your sexual persona

Come away from this workshop with your own Kata as personal practice and a tool to use. You have a space outside the game to enhance your passion and cultivate your sensuality to tantalize the feminine.

Find your balance in masculine and the feminine and what that feels like.

Annetta Luce was a key note speaker at Taste of Love Byron Bay 2017 with Men and the Art of Stripping.   “Moving Men” in Sydney 2015 grew out of her experience of teaching her Urban Tribal Dance for the Sydney Dance Company… She found men needed their own class to learn natural movement at a different pace.