ArtofStripping01Dancing the wisdom of the sensuous feminine

Art of Stripping is a movement-based process that is playful, sensuous, and transformative and always reveals the soul.

Every woman or man wants to be seen as attractive – it gives them vitality and confidence.

A woman’s beauty is her sensuality and the strip reveals her very individual deepest mystery. Taking her clothes off isn’t even necessary. No nudity is ever required but in the workshop you learn how to do that in your own private space.

ArtofStripping03Rarely does personal growth or therapies include sexuality with the rest of the human aspects of the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. The Art of stripping uses sexuality as a catalyst that moves into every aspect of our humanness.

Expand your mind and gain new insights, rather than giving with the body which most of us have learned from society.

Actually feel belief systems that are no longer serving you. Hope for comfort zones to be trespassed because at those edges the most learning happens!

Learn how your body can hold and transform energy through intimacy.

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Art of Stripping Intro Women Feb 4th 10.15am-1.30pm  @ Earth Heart Lodge Mullumbimby

We require a minimum of 8 students so please pre-register so we can anticipate the flow.

registerhere1Art of Stripping Intro 3-HR: Feb 4th

What to expect

  • Movement that is non exercise, instead juicy, sensual and your own
  • Time to explore what your personal relationship to your body is through innovative body based knowledge.
  • Erotic Anatomy principles and how to feel the music
  • Eye Magic and how you direct the gaze, the Gaze of Power
  • The Gait of Power
  • The Voice of Power
  • Embody the feminine’s receptive, creative aspects. Be your exhibitionist!
  • Feel the balance of the feminine and masculine
  • How to move and direct the sexual energy in your core

What is it like?

  • A non-competitive space where you learn how to enliven your senses  and  witness your own and the many reflections of the Feminine. Where you are is exactly where you need to be regardless of skill level, shape or size!
  • Attitude and Approach moves you from the “What” to the “How” Mind

What are the benefits?

  • Gaining maturity through stepping out of what is expected for the feminine
  • Comfortable in your own skin
  • More in touch with sensual playfulness
  • Feel more relaxed and playful around men
  • Liberated and empowered to express your natural feminine essence
  • By truly owning your sensual expression, you can fully express it to your lover

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registerhere1Art of Stripping Intro 3-HR: Feb 4th