Forest AnnettaFeasting the Body is the poetic body waking from its slumber and longing for a rite of passage into the wilderness!

It starts shifting realities of

what you think you know.


Feasting takes Contact Improvisation into the exploration of redefining the prey, which becomes the feast – the banquet of shared intimacy between two predators.

Experiential predator/prey movement play blurs the edges of receiving/giving contact with the spontaneous.

Supported with movement imagining of visceral desire for our naturalness, it offers a playful exploration of the Erotic in all life and the depth of our body’s desire for healthy contact, touch and intimacy.

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Feasting the Body: Byron Jan 24th 6.15-9.30pm @ Blue Lotus Dance Studio Byron Bay


WFeastinghat to Expect

Find new movement with levity, support, giving, taking, weight, distinguishing the difference btw sensing & feeling

Experience a shamanic approach to priming the senses

Learn to cultivate and move your creative life force sexual energy

Learn Erotic Anatomy of Contact Improvisation

Be ready to experience inner abandon,  felt vibrancy, full body embrace and sensory alertness!

The agreement that binds is mutual welfare and benefit for each other, and to gain the necessary tools to be in our natural sensual sexual spirited body.feasting fingers in cosmos

Please wear comfortable movement clothes. No nudity or sexual practices.

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