distance finger The culmination of Art of Stripping Intro for Men & Women. This is the combined gender class, where you are invited to step up to your edge and experiment and play with what you have just learnt in the Intro class.

Spirited Body wants to be Seen!

A theatrical ceremonial space is created so you may be seen. The stage is present for your sensual and sexual magnetism to be revealed if you so desire!

Performance provides the edge to propel you into the space of Magick. Men are like fire and women are like water, and the elements merge…….


What to expect

  • Feel the romp of sensual play
  • Walk your Talk
  • The terrain is space shared of infinite possibilities

What to bring

  • Your newly-learned stripping skills from the Art of Stripping Intro
  • Your mystical magickal¬†character
  • Accoutrements of costumes, fabrics, vests, veils, music you like
  • Agility of spirit

Prerequisite for both Men & Women = completed 3-hour Art of Stripping Intro

The agreement that binds is mutual welfare and benefit for each other, and to gain the necessary tools to be in our natural sensual sexual spirited body.