Earth Heart Lodge Mullumbimby

9 – 12th February 2017

Streetwise Self Defense Intensive

White Tigress utilizes the Fan as a potential weapon that teaches how to extend your Ki energy and command presence in the space. 

A Kata is a collection of postures/movements that form a whole set of which there are 24 postures. The entire Kata can be done in less than 10 minutes but the “How” is the important factor since it is packed with discernments in how to move with efficiency and grace.

White Tigress Fan has its origins in the tradition of Kung Fu.

The self-defense movements can resemble those of various animals whose methods of fighting inspired memorable techniques such as the revenge of the tiger and the evading crane.

Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance FanMainPath, the “Gateway process” involves the balanced development of all aspects: emotional, mental, spiritual, soul force energy and physical.

The study of Martial Arts is excellent way to develop our physical mastery.

Starting at the roots……of the Martial Arts “Flowering Tree of Technique”

Learn Skills

  • Horse, Bow, Rooster, Climbing Mountain, Crouching Tiger stances
  • Strikes and applications to self-defense
  • Footwork, methods of body changing directions in space
  • Cultivating and extending  Ki energy
  • Spacial awareness and moving with effortlessness
  • Fluidity and connectivity in movement
  • Balance and control with neutrality and One Point


  • Having a personal practice
  • Physical mastery and enhanced body knowledge
  • Applications to street & domestic self defense

Transference of skills into your daily life… Stepping into your warrior

3-hour Workshop

  • Intro to Dojo Protocol for Martial Arts training
  • Warm up
  • Demonstration of entire Kata
  • Warm down with questions and review
  • Mat hours for Black Lodge and Certificate of Attendance

Annetta Luce is a Sweet Medicine Sundance apprentice residing in Phoenix and holds rank of Blue Belt in Shorei Kenpo Karate at the Rainbow Powers Center’s Ten No Kishi Dojo. Her personal practice is also based on foundation of work with the Nagual Lujan Matus.

The White Tigress Fan was taught to her by assistant teacher of Hsi Lai, the author of “Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress.”

She is a Certified Movement Therapist including an extensive background in Iyengar Yoga, Body Mind Centering, Dance, Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts and more. Her current interest is Aikido with Philip Trice (Thunder Panther).

For bookings for Annetta’s Black Lodge matt hours, please contact an external agency:

Streetwise Self Defense Intensive