DogWomanDog Woman

In Australian slang it is an insult to call a woman a dog. But what if Dog Woman instead named an experience of empowerment and pride?

An opening, to step out of the predictable skin of being human. Grooming, feel of fur, a snarl, the body reveals altered perceptions of what is possible.

“To be a Dog Woman is not necessarily to be downtrodden but powerful. To be Bestial is good.” Artist Paula Rego

This workshop is for all sexes and genders.

Altered Social DanceAltered Social Dance

In this workshop, you will be undressed of sorts to dance naked with a partner. We will explore a new approach to partner dancing … to meet a stranger with the deliciousness of the unfamiliar.

The sensually subtle potency is the embrace.

An out of the box new altered social dance with unsocialized couples moving together.

Someone dancing inside us learned only a few steps: The “Do-Your-work in 4/4 time,” The “What –Do-You-Expect” waltz.
He hasn’t noticed yet the woman standing away from the lamp, the one with black eyes who knows the rumba and strange steps in jumpy rhythms from the mountains in Bulgaria.

If they dance together, something unexpected will happen.

If they don’t, the next world will be a lot like this one.

—Bill Holm
The Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart

DanceNight Warrior Moves

Come and experience the corporeal wisdom and sexual magic of Annetta Luce in a post-Xplore weekend intensive.

Do battle with your own shadow and the realm of the night. Prowess and presence are magical skills of the warrior in the “As Above and So Below.”

Your Body responds to the language of imagination opening the portals of perception.

In this Workshop, you will experience:

  • Grounding in the foundation of desire with evolutionary movement patterns to be the warrior.
  • Balance of feminine and masculine–Men are like Fire and Women are like Water.
  • Shamanic body based knowledge to stalk personal power.
  • Increasing your magnetism and attraction.
  • Change beliefs about movement possibilities and aging.
  • Extending your ki energy using Martial Arts weapons of the Jo and Fan.
  • Sweet Medicine of the Animal World.
  • Dance, Body/Mind Centering, Contact Improv, Energetics, Feasting the Body and shamanic tools, spirituality of Martial Arts.
  • All creating the context for playing.

Annetta explores alternative practice as a researcher, performer, teacher and choreographer. Her vision of Moving Eros, continues the parallel trajectory of a life path, bridging dance and sexuality with shamanic practice. Her most recent focus is studying with the Nagual, Lujan Matus in Costa Rica and continues as an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Path with Swift Deer in Arizona.

A Nagual, or Shaman, is a teacher who assists others to enter into an enhanced awareness and altered perceptions. Lujan states “an individual with their personal power intact will cause an upheaval by their mere presence.”