CatStaticAs part of her Australian tour, Annetta Luce will be offering a course in ecstatic movement in Sydney for people with or without experience in 5 rhythms, contact improv, dance but who want to go further.

Do old habits and repetitive movement patterns enter your state of ecstatic dance?  Is there a desire for your ecstatic dance to be expressive and free.

For freedom one’s physical life is a practice of unraveling beliefs that inhibit our naturalness and mask our individuality. Crack the mold and re-sculpt!

Ever wonder how one achieves feeling effortlessness?

Experience a mind/body movement warm up that opens and primes the “body within” to ecstatic gateways. A shamanic approach can shift perceptions of the body allowing possible transformative states. No steps just an imaginative alignment with elements of nature.

Mapping of the body’s systems, one feels and accesses the interconnectedness with the elements. Move from skin,bone feels earth, gravity is met. It is a shedding of our socialized bodies.

Body goes where Spirit leads! Dive deep into “letting go”  regaining your own unique naturalness in dancing.

Support your dancing with current innovative movement practices that support embodiment. Any level of physical fitness, no dance experience necessary, any body welcome. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.

Annetta Luce is apprenticed to the  Sweet Medicine Sundance Path residing in Phoenix,Arizona.  Her personal practice is also based on foundational work with Nagual Lujan Matus and shamanic teachings of Thunder Strikes. Her current interest is Aikido and the spiritual aspects of the Martial Arts.

Offering her body’s history in such diverse movement forms of Contact Improv, Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts, West African Dance, Iyengar Yoga, Body/Mind Centering and innovative somatic modalities. Her professional career began in New York City over 10 years as performing artist and holds MA in Dance and is a Certified Movement Therapist.