Catlike Panther Eye

Dancing the Catlike Body, Catlike Mind Workshop is sensual play and romp of the feline, the spirited Big Cats.
Dancing that has no agenda but to find your voice of power, hear the Black Panther’s growl and the feel of midnight fur.  Dancing that doesn’t need you be loved.

Body goes where Spirit leads!

Feel the weight of paw and and the continuum to tip of claw.

Feline sensuality is the key to effortless movement and the suppleness of your grace.

Finding the cat within you.

Being the hunter not the hunted!

Cat dancing

In this Master Class, “Shamanic” means embracing the body as the source of felt knowledge.  Finding knowledge already in your body.

Learn basic movement truths gathered from ancient lineages and cultures and from most current innovative movement practices that support embodiment.

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Catlike Body, Catlike Mind: Mullum Jan 26th 6.15-9.30pm  @ Earth Heart Lodge Mullumbimby

What to expect

  • Dance your naturalness and wildness
  • Unravel your old beliefs and perceptions
  • Reclaim the beauty and mystery of your sensuality
  • Learn to speak to the language of body with your imagination


Continuum of ClawThis workshop involves Dancing, Erotic Anatomy, Contact Improvisation and Body/Mind Centering.

We work with Magick inspired by the sweet medicine of our animal ally the Big Cat, who teaches us how to regain our balance and naturalness.


Wear comfortable movement clothes. No nudity or sexual practices.

Register Here buttonCatlike Body 3-Hr :  Jan 26th Mullumbimby